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We are a dynamic firm specializing in design, installation, and maintenance of gardens and landscapes in central Virginia and beyond. Our approach is holistic with careful consideration of our clients' needs and preferences, a spirit of beautiful design, and thoughtful stewardship of the environment. Our work ranges from residential to small-scale commercial and civic projects. We also carry a curated selection of plants and artisan made garden goods for your home or business, inside and out. Visit our online shop here.

Our philosophy is grounded in problem solving, while creating beautiful and regenerative landscapes. Working alongside our clients, we explore opportunities and challenges in the landscape and develop ideas to creatively use and maintain the land. 


Context is an incredibly important component that informs our work. Whether it’s the historical nature of a site, a building, or the topographical and climatic conditions, we aim to create gardens that not only fit their context, but also draw appeal from the type of space that our clients seek. 


In keeping with our stewardship values, we continually seek ways to incorporate permaculture principles into our work. Ultimately, we hope that our projects inspire, heal, and connect our clients more deeply with nature. For more information on our design process, from concept to built garden or landscape, please get in touch.





Founder & Principal Designer

Evan developed his passion for design and the outdoors into the art and science of making gardens. A native of Virginia, he spent his early childhood at the base of the Austrian Alps with a river in his backyard, instilling in him an appreciation for nature at a young age.


Both his grandfathers were life-long gardeners, one in Amish country, Pennsylvania; the other using his green thumb in Palau and the Philippines. Beyond an interest in gardens, his passions expand to the wider landscape that includes towns and cities and coming up with solutions that maximize quality of life and social equitability in these places.


Evan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public & Urban Affairs with a minor in Landscape Architecture from Virginia Tech. He also received his certification in Permaculture Design in 2016 from East End Eden in Ojai, California.

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