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GARDENER | February 12, 2019

Fern Hill Landscaping & Nursery is seeking a motivated and experienced Gardener to join our team. We are a small company based in Richmond, VA focused on sustainable landscaping and gardening. We design and install landscapes and maintain properties of various sizes throughout the area. The position being offered is a part-time or full-time seasonal job (March – December), with possible opportunity for year-round employment. As a Gardener, you will work under the direction of the supervisors to maintain our customers’ properties and install landscaping / hardscaping. Quality of work is paramount and attention to detail is a must.

Location:  Richmond, VA

Hours:  Part-time / Full-time

Pay:  $12.00 / hr. + (based on experience)

Primary Responsibilities:

- Planting trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, grasses, sod, etc.

- Organic fertilizing & compost application in landscape beds

- Corrective pruning & shearing of shrubs & small trees

- Removing suckering branches on trees & shrubs

- Hand watering & setting up sprinklers or drip irrigation

- Removing dead leaves and stems on plants

- Weed control in garden beds through hand pulling, natural pre-emergent and natural herbicide applications

- Staking of perennials, shrubs and trees where required

- Training of vines and climbing shrubs on walls, fences & trellises

- Flower dead-heading

- Dividing bulbs & perennials

- Pest identification and treatment, using natural pesticides when necessary

- Edge maintenance along garden beds

- Installing mulch

- Container plant maintenance
- Indoor plant care

- Growing & harvesting fruits and vegetables

- Leaf cleanup
- Installing hardscape features


Occasional Responsibilities:

- Aerating, seeding & fertilizing lawns

- Mowing lawns


- Associate or Bachelor’s degree in horticulture or related field AND/OR previous experience in landscaping or gardening preferred
- Detail-oriented & motivated
- Ability to take instructions
- Ability to regularly lift 50+ pounds
- Ability to interact with customers in a positive and friendly manner
- Valid driver’s license

If interested and qualified, click: APPLY NOW below. Please attach Resume at bottom of application. Cover Letter optional.


Note, you will be redirected to our affiliate website to fill out the application.

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